Andrea Wittgens

Common wisdom in the entertainment business dictates if you can't describe it in two sentences, go back to the boards and refine your pitch. However, those experienced and well traveled in the business know that in truth, it's the ones that you can't describe easily that are the true and lasting artists (think Rufus Wainwright, Erykah Badu, Jeff Buckley).


New York City-based singer/songwriter Andrea Wittgens is the freshest original new voice on the scene in years. Combining sultry, engaging vocals (she has been compared to artists as varied as Rickie Lee Jones, Regina Spektor and PJ Harvey) with original songs that are both hypnotic and exuberant, and always showing immaculately appropriate musicality with clever yet disarmingly honest lyrics, she has been holding audiences in rapture throughout the Northwest.


Originally from small-town Antigonish (pronounced anna-ga-'nish), Nova Scotia, Andrea's earliest stage experiences were tap dancing as a precocious four year old, then twirling in pink tutus at the local ballet school, as well as atop (several) telephone books at piano recitals. Eventually outgrowing the telephone books (and hanging up her size 2 taps), she continued with both classical piano lessons and dance classes, which combined to form a deep physical connection to music which carries forth through today. Continuing with piano through high school, Andrea eventually spent several years teaching music, dance and movement, while refining her chops playing keys and singing in the high school jazz band. She continued with advanced classical music studies, graduating as a dual major (French and Music) at Queen's University, Ontario.

Andrea Wittgens - Live @ Codapop


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