The Big Get Even

Windows down and stereo up, you're cruising along a country back road. The gilded sounds of a bygone era flow strong and steady through the speakers. For reasons unknown, your spirits soar and troubles vanish like exhaust out the tailpipes. In that moment, all is well with the world. Somehow you just know: everything's gonna be all right.

That feeling is the essence of The Big Get Even, a Pop/Rock quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Band members Jason Keddy, Josh Noiles, Tyler Dempsey & Neil Spence grew up listening to vintage rock and traditional roots music resonating deeply with that sensation of simple freedom. Seeing it as their duty and honour to impart those vibes to future generations, their stellar songs and engaging performances shine with an inherent optimism... and it's contagious.
Melodic guitar, searing keyboards, groovy bass lines and punchy back-beats compliment The Big Get Even’s true-to-life lyrics and catchy structures.

These young gentlemen are future bound and flying fearlessly, yet often glancing through their aviators to that gleaming chrome rear-view mirror of the past. The tank's full and the rumble-seat's ready, so why not hop on for the ride? You'll learn anger is never the answer, but good music always is. So don't get mad... Get Even

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The Big Get Even - Whatever We Were

The Big Get Even
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