Quiet Parade

The latest EP from Halifax bleeding-heart quintet Quiet Parade finds the group writing some of its most powerful and contemplative songs to date. What started as a solo project for songwriter Trevor Murphy (ex-Sleepless Nights and The Establishment) has matured into an organic, full band effort on Old Haunts. The new album is a collection of songs reflecting on places and people of the past – a reoccurring theme in Quiet Parade’s fog-laden songs.

Voted the Best Band To Listen To Quietly by The Coast’s Best of Music Reader’s Poll for the last two years, Quiet Parade once again taps into its core of introspective and honest songs to present a record that stirs up long-standing ghosts, lingering memories and a glimmer of hope for better days.  Whether lamenting relationships or dwelling on fears, the old haunts in these songs are more than just physical.  They channel the idea that the hauntingly familiar is in everything.

Quiet Parade are:
Trevor Murphy - Vocals & Guitar
Jay Methot - Guitar
Anthony Phillips - Bass
Josh Pothier - Drums
Julia Weir - Piano & Vocals

For more information on the band, visit: www.quietparade.com or quietparade.bandcamp.com

Quiet Parade - Edge Of The Ocean

  • Quiet Parade
  • Quiet Parade
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