Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic

With a roaring voice of haunting passion and songwriting skills far beyond her years and time, Lindsay Misiner will leave you questioning how such an intricate talent could get inside the body of a young, long haired, bell bottomed girl.

With her first EP entitled MYSTIC GROOVEreleased on August 7th, 2015, with her band LINDSAY MISINER & THE 7th MYSTIC, Misiner has worked her best to present audiences with a live, off of the floor band sound.  To Lindsay, the feeling of sound that makes another human connect to her music is key.  In this live recording the emotions are running high and the overall atmosphere of the actual sound created is a homage to the past, for the souls and minds of the present.

With intense and truthful lyrics, there is no mistaking the passion that Misiner holds within the palm of her hand.  Her honesty and devotion to an intelligent lyric, in pair with her painfully pure moaning vocal is what makes her style so undeniably different.


Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic
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